Melbourne Pubs, Past and Present (reprint 2021)


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Schools Out

schools out

This new, well-illustrated book was launched at our exhibition on June 2 and 3 and is selling really well. The book covers the life and times in the building now known as Melbourne Assembly Rooms, which closed its doors as Melbourne Secondary School 41 years ago. Former teachers and pupils have contributed greatly to this publication, which we are certain will appeal to the many Melbourne and Ticknall people who attended as well as students of architecture and the history of education in a wider geographical context.

Our price is now £15 per book, buyer collect. Postage and packing to destinations within the UK is an extra £4.20 1st class or £3.70 2nd class, and at cost to other countries. For more details of how to order, please contact the Treasurer.

Alternatively, you can purchase a copy at £20 from F M Heath & Co’s Nursery at Woodhouses.

Also on sale at Melbourne Post Office.

In Memoriam

in mem

On 1st August 2015 we launched a book by Adrian Earp and members of the Melbourne Historical Research Group, entitled ‘In Memoriam – Commemorating the Men of Melbourne who died in The Great War’. The first edition was sold out and now the second edition is available from Adrian Earp – telephone 07813 582022. It is priced at £15, buyer collect, but arrangements can be made with regard to delivery or postage and packing.

For information on his extensive research, Adrian Earp can be contacted by email.



A book by Philip Heath and the MHRG: “Condemned! A History of the Melbourne Clearance Areas”, containing approximately 61,000 words, pictures, maps in colour and interview quotations, was launched over the weekend of 26 & 27 July 2008. It was sold at £23.50 (buyer collect) or plus postage and packing to other destinations in the UK.

All copies of this book have now been sold.