Our Next Exhibition

Our next exhibition, Women in Melbourne, is on 11th & 12th June 2022.

Our 2019 Exhibition on Melbourne Pubs was a great success. We also ran two guided walks around old Melbourne pubs on 21 and 22 September 2019.

The well-attended 2018 exhibition was “Melbourne Misdemeanours, Murders, Mayhem and Malefactors”. Many were surprised at the sinister goings on that had occurred in this lovely area. The book “School’s Out!” was successfully launched at this exhibition.

In 2017 our group was asked by Melbourne Assembly Rooms for a display to mark the 40th anniversary of the closure of Melbourne Secondary School on High Street. So much material was discovered that we decided to make this our subject for our 2-day annual exhibition “School’s Out”. And what a success this turned out to be, attracting former pupils and teachers, who were delighted to be reunited.

Additionally, in 2017, for Heritage Open Days an exhibition “Melbourne Cemetery Chapels” was held 9 & 10 September in the North Chapel. Philip Heath also guided a walk from Melbourne Parish Church 9 September: “Churches, Chapels and Cemeteries”

The 2016 exhibition was on the subject of “Staying Alive” – or not, as the case may be.
Additionally, in 2016, we had a display at the opening of the new Sports Pavilion on Cockshut Lane 11 September on ‘Sports’ and a Commemoration of the Battle of the Somme at the parish church.

Our popular 2015 exhibition was on the subject of ‘Melbourne People of Note and Notoriety’ and a new book by Adrian Earp and members of the Melbourne Historical Research Group was launched, entitled ‘In Memoriam – Commemorating the Men of Melbourne who died in The Great War’.

The group’s 2014 EXHIBITION was on the effects on Melbourne and district of WORLD WAR 1 – the “GREAT WAR”. It was held on 23 and 24 August. Short talks by Adrian Earp on the research undertaken were well received. Donations amounting to £225 for cake, kindly provided by Penny Heath, refreshments, and interest in the exhibition material, were collected on this occasion for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

2012’s very popular SHOPS AND SHOPPING IN MELBOURNE exhibition was expanded to include TRADES AND PROFESSIONS, including: Blacksmiths, Surgeons, Wheelwrights, Framework Knitters, Shoemakers, Nixon Knowles Timberyard, Quarries, Brickyards such as Woodhouses, Moira Street, Kings Newton, The Common, Wilson Rise – Bartons, John Harpur-Crewe (THC) and IHC. A taster of Adrian Earp’s research collection of World War 1 material was on display, attracting much attention.

The 2012 Annual Exhibition – SHOPS AND SHOPPING IN MELBOURNE was exceptionally well received.

EDUCATION IN MELBOURNE was the subject of our Annual Exhibition in May 2011.
The 200th anniversary of the National Schools Society being in 2011, we took a look at Eduction in Melbourne from its earliest mentions in the 16th century up to the closure of the Secondary School in 1977. ‘Modern day’ nostalgia included the Cabbage & Custard Lady and Miss Mars Bar.

“MELBOURNE FOR SALE” – was held in July, 2010. This exhibition featured the 1811 sale by Earl Moira of Donington Hall and the sale of part of the Melbourne Estate in 1919. Apart from these landmark sales, there were also particulars of smaller sales from the 17th century onwards.